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Helsinki Twilight Run & Walk will give you the opportunity to have a fun-filled evening in great atmosphere. The event will be kicked off with a run for the kids. 


Water and sports drink is available at hydration stations along the course. 


Top finishers will receive prizes after the event.

Preliminary schedule 2024 

18.45 Kids Run Helsinki Beach 400 m
19.00 Kids Run Helsinki Beach 800 m

20.15 Half Marathon
20.30 10 km, 5 km and 5 km Walk start

Program for the day


Event start time: 27th July 2024

Start/Finish: Hietaranta beach (Hiekkarannantie 11, Helsinki)

Registration: Online pre-registration is open. Sign up here

You can register for the event also on the race day at the race office between 17.00-19.45.

Race Packet Pickup: You can pick up your bib number at the race office at the race day. Race office is located at the Hietaranta beach near to start and finish area. Race office is open at the race day between 17.00-20.00. Note! Late-registration will end at 19.45!

You can also pick up your friend's race packet. You will receive an email of your race number by 26th July. When you arrive at the race office, please open the email and show your race number from the email. The number can be found at the end of the mail. If you don't receive the email, you will get your number by your name from the race office.

Bib number: Bib numbers are personal and you are only allowed to run with your own number. Please attach the number on the front side of your running shirt/belt.

Tube scarf: The Twilight Run tube scarf is included in the registration price and you will receive it when you pick up your race packet. 


Timing: Timing will be organised with timing application. Please place your bib number in front of your shirt to get your time. There is no timing in the 5k walk. Maximum running/walking time is 3 hours.


Series: 5k run, 10k and half marathon: men, women.

Results 2023

Results 2022

Results 2021

Results 2020

Results 2019

Results 2018


Specifics for the walk: You are welcome to bring strollers/baby joggers/wheelchairs in the walk!

Event area map 2023 can be found here.


Hydration Stations: Water and sports drink will be served along the route at dedicated hydration stations. Hydration stations will be located approximately:

 5 km distance - 2,5 km + at the finish
10 km didstance - 2,5 km + 7,5 km + at the finish
21,1 km distance - 3,6 km + 8,6 km + 13,6 km + 18,6 km + at the finish

Course: You can find course map and event map in year 2023 here. Every 1 km of the course will be accurately measured and marked with km signs. 

Changing rooms/Bag storage: There will be toilets and changing rooms at Hietaranta beach.

Bag storage will be located at the Hietaranta beach near the race office and finish area. Bag storage is free for all runners and is open between 17.30-23.30.

Photos: Photos from the event can be found here after the race.

Elite runners: We offer free participation to the event for elite runners who have run under the following times in 2023-2024:

5000 m / 5 km: 15.45

10000 m / 10 km: 33.00
Half marathon: 1.12.00

5000 m / 5 km: 18.15
10000 m / 10 km: 38.15
Half marathon: 1.22.00

To apply for a free registration as an elite runner, please send us an email to tapahtumat at with details about your qualifying result (name of event, your time, link to results). The result must be from an official road or track race in 2023-2024.

Canceling your participation: No cancellations of participation are required. We will not refund your participation fees in any circumstances.

Transfer of participation: It is possible to buy transfer insurance with your registration, which allows you to transfer the registration to next year's Twilight Run & Walk or use the paid amount for another event participation. The price of transfer insurance is 10 euros.

If transfer insurance has not been acquired at the time of registration, the customer has the right to transfer the registration for the event to another person for a transfer fee of 10 euros, but not the right to transfer the registration to another event or to the following year.

The organizer will not refund the paid registration fee under any circumstances.

1. Transfer to another person

You can transfer your participation to another person (until 20.7.2024) for a transfer fee of 10 euros.

Please note that registrations paid with sport vouchers cannot be transferred to another person.

2. Transfer to next year's Twilight Run & Walk (requires transfer insurance)

If the participant has purchased transfer insurance at the time of registration, it is possible to transfer participation to next year's event by 26.7.2024.

3. Transfer to another event (requires transfer insurance)

If the participant has purchased transfer insurance at the time of registration, it is possible to transfer the entry for another Runner's High event in year 2024 (until 26.7.2024). After the transfer request your registration will be cancelled, and you will get a discount code worth the same amount of money you paid for your registration.

How can I transfer my participation?

When transferring your participation to another event or person, or to next year, please contact tapahtumat (at) with following information:


  • Name of the original participant

  • Name of the person who will make the new registration (if participation will be transferrer to another person)

  • To which event the transfer will be made

After the transfer request you will get more detailed instructions by email.


Force Majeure:
If the event has to be cancelled or it cannot be organized due to force majeure, the organizer is not liable for paying back any registration fees.


The organizer is not liable for any delays or damages that are caused by the cancellation or postponement of the event due to force majeure.


Force majeure is an event or occurrence beyond the control of the organizer which the organizer could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the time of the conclusion of the contract or to have avoided or overcome it or its consequences.


Force majeure comprehends both natural disasters and events such as civil unrest, risk to general safety, orders of public authorities or other superior force that prevents the organizing of the event.

Practical Info


The route consists of a 5-kilometer loop, which is run once for 5 kilometers, twice for 10 kilometers, and four times for the half marathon. In the half marathon, an additional run of 1.1 kilometers is run at the beginning. 

Start and finish off the route at Hietaniemi beach.

Check out the routemap here.



Kids Run Helsinki Beach will be organized at the Hietaranta beach starting at 18.45. The distance is 400 meters for kids under 7 years old and 800 meters for kids aged 8-15 years old. Every runner gets a finisher medal and a juice!

Read more and register at Kids Run Helsinki website!

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